Treatment efficacy of laser photothermal therapy

1. Experimental setup


2. Gold nanorods and nanorod solution using the experiment.  The nanosolution is injected to implanted PC3 tumors in mice.  Low power near infrared (NIR) laser (1.6 W/m^2) at 800 nm wavelength is incident on the tumor surface.  Since the nanorods serve as laser energy absorbers, it is expected that most laser energy is absorbed by the tumor with nanorod injection.


3. Treatment efficacy of laser photothermal therapy is demonstrated in our tumor shrinkage study.  Following 15 minutes of laser irradiation, the volumes of the treated tumors decrease to 10% of their original sizes only 25 days after the treatment.  In the meantime, the volumes of the untreated tumors continue to grow and double their size before the 18th day.