April 2024 — Congratulations to Jawed, who just defended his MS thesis.

October 2023 — Dr. Zhu attended the Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society.  She presented two Engineering Education papers on podium sessions.  It was a great opportunity to discuss and interact with our peers.

Sept 2023 — Dr. Zhu received a sub-award from Virginia Tech/NSF to continue her collaboration with local community Colleges.

June 2023 — Jacob and Jawed attended the SB3C conference in beautiful Vail Colorado, to present their research project.  The conference was full of beautiful landscape, stimulating discussions with peers, insightful questions asked, and sweating hiking experience.  Job well done.

May 2023 — On behalf of the Bioheat Transfer Lab, Dr. Zhu attended and presented a research project in the 2023 CMBBE conferences, and had discussions with researchers in the computational bioengineering frontier.

April 2023 — Jacob presented his research in the annual URCAD conference in a podium session. Congratulations!

January 2023 — Bioheat Transfer Lab welcomes Mr. Md Jawed Naseem, a graduate student in the ME department.  Mr. Naseem plans to conduct his MS thesis research in our lab.

December 2022 — Congratulation to all in securing a UMBC Technology Catalyst Fund (PI: Dr Ankit Goel, co-PI: Dr. Liang Zhu)!

October 2022 — Our paper by Alex, Jacob and Manpreet was accepted by the BMES Annual Meeting.  Jacob went to San Antonio Texas to present the paper. Job well done.

August 2022 — Our newly minted Dr. Manpreet Singh, who just successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Manpreet will work in the ARL starting this month. Congratulations!


June 2022 — The paper by Alex, Manpreet, and Jacob has been accepted by the SB3C meeting.  We went to Cambridge, Maryland in June to attend the conference.  The weather was gorgeous, the discussion was insightful, and the rock concert by professional researchers/musicians was spectacular!

May 2022 — Congratulations to Alex Caporale who successfully defended his MS Thesis and graduated from our program!  Job well done!  We are very proud of you.

January 2022 — Despite the COVID-related campus restriction on access, the students in the Bioheat Transfer Lab performed experiments and prepared an extended abstract to the Summer Biotransport, Biomechanics, and Bioengineering Conference (SB3C) conference to be held in June 2022.  Congratulation.

October 2021 — Dr. Zhu attended the AAAS 2021 Virtual STEM Fall Forum, and reported the program activities and outcomes of the NSF S-STEM grant.

September 2021 — Bioheat Transfer Lab welcomes Mr. Alex Caporale, a graduate student in the ME department, and Mr. Jacob Lombardo, an undergraduate student in the department.  Mr. Caporale plans to conduct his MS thesis research in our lab.  Mr. Lombardo, a freshman in the department, is also a scholar in the ME S-STEM scholarship program.

September 2021 — The management team of the ME S-STEM Scholarship program has published their 2nd peer-reviewed journal paper in Engineering Education in the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.  Congratulations!

August 2021 — Qimei’s third journal paper has been published by the journal “Fluids”. Congratulation to her and all the collaborators of this project.

July 2021 — Dr. Zhu attended the ASEE Annual Meeting  (virtual) and reported the outcomes of the ME S-STEM Scholarship Program at UMBC in a podium session.  Another research conference, the 2021 Applied Thermal Engineering (ATE) – Heat Transfer Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics (HEFAT) also became a virtual conference this time. Dr. Zhu presented a paper in a podium session and answered questions from attendees.

June 2021 — Manpreet’s third journal paper has been published in the journal of International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer.  All his dissertation research has been published in peer-reviewed journals.  Congratulation!

February 2021 — Manpreet’s second journal paper has been published in Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, congratulation!

December 2020 and January 2021 — Dr. Zhu attended a Workshop sponsored by NSF on New Frontiers of Thermal Transport.  Our research was presented at the workshop as a poster on a virtual platform.

December 2020 — Manpreet was awarded the Dissertation Fellowship by the Graduate School at UMBC, congratulation!

November 2020 — Congratulation to Edwin Quinn, who successfully defended his MS thesis research.  Congratulation!

June 2020 — Dr. Zhu attended the ASEE Annual Meeting (virtual meeting) and presented a research project related to engineering education in a podium session.

June 2020 — All three papers submitted to the SB3C conference are accepted for presentation.  Manpreet presented those three papers in a visual platform of the SB3C conference. Job well done during the challenge time.

May 2020 — Our manuscript related to engineering education was submitted to the ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering in March 2020, and the paper was accepted in May 2020, and published in June 2020, a very fast process.

April 2020 — Manpreet’s first journal paper has been accepted for publication in the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer.  Congratulation,

March 2020 — Qimei’s second journal paper has been accepted for publication in the ASME Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering.  Congratulation.

December 2019 — Congratulation to Qimei, who successfully defended her PhD dissertation and becomes Dr. Gu.  Dr. Gu currently works at the FDA.

November 2019 — Manpreet passed his PhD proposal defense and advanced to PhD candidacy, congratulation.

October 2019 — Bioheat Transfer Lab submitted three abstracts to the Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society.  The papers were based on the research work of both Manpreet and Qimei.  Dr. Zhu presented the work in the conference in Philadelphia, PA.  Our papers were received well by the attendees.

August 2019 — Qimei was awarded the Dissertation Fellowship by the Graduate School at UMBC, congratulation!

July 2019 — Dr. Zhu attended and presented a paper of our lab at the 6th Micro/Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transfer conference.  This is an ASME sponsored research conference with more than 300 faculty and students attending the conference.  Dr. Zhu also served as the chair of Track 13: Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer in Biological Applications to handle paper submissions and reviews.  She also served as the chair of two technical sessions.  It was a great opportunity to interact with our peers in the heat transfer field.


June 2019 — Students in the Bioheat Transfer Lab and their collaborators submitted five conference papers to the Summer Biotransport, Biomechanics, and Bioengineering Conference (SB3C) in Jan. 2019.  All papers were accepted with three papers selected as podium presentations and two as poster presentations in the Convention Center of the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in PA in June 2019.  Manpreet and Qimei presented their research during the meeting.  We saw many old friends in the biotransport community including our Dr. Anil Attaluri and Dr. Zhongping Huang who was the MS advisor of several PhD students in our lab (Anil, Alex, and Qimei), and made new friends.  The scenic view in the mountain was fantastic, we enjoyed it very much. Job well done, everyone!


March 2019 — Manpreet passed his PhD Qualify exam, congratulation!

December 2018 — Qimei’s first journal paper has been accepted for publication in the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer.  Congratulation.

December 2018 — Dr. Zhu visited Villanova University and gave a research seminar to students and faculty there.

November 2018 — Qimei and Ali attended the ceremony for advancement to PhD candidacy with several other PhD students in the ME department (Mr. Lai Wang and Mr. Hector Medina) and in the Biology department (Mr. Shuaishuai Liu).  Congratulation.


August 2018 — Bioheat Transfer Laboratory and collaborators presented two papers in the 2018 NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology Conference (NEMB 2018).  Qimei presented the papers and she also received a travel award from the conference. Job well done, Qimei.

August 2018 — Qimei passed her PhD proposal defense, congratulation.

July 2018 — Dr. Liang Zhu attended the 8th World Congress of Biomechanics conference in Dublin Ireland in July 2018. Her graduate students and lab collaborators submitted two conference papers to the conference. One paper is accepted as a podium presentation, and the other is in poster presentation in student competition at the MS level. Dr. Zhu also co-chaired a technical session entitled Biotransport diagnostics and therapeutics. It was very productive to directly interact with researchers in the bio transport research field.


May 2018 — Dr. Zhu attended the Symposium to Honor Dr. Portonovo Ayyaswamy at the University of Pennsylvania.


April 2018 — Ashley has successfully defended her MS thesis research.  Congratulation!

January 2018 — We are very pleased to announce that the National Science Foundation has awarded an S-STEM grant to UMBC to continue to support the ME S-STEM Scholarship Program at UMBC ($991,618, PI: L. Zhu, co-PIs: L.D.T. Topoleski, D. Madan, C. Eggleton, R. Ma).  Receiving this grant the third time (previously in 2010 and 2014) from NSF is an indication of high quality of our program on improving the retention and graduation rates of our scholars.  Many thanks also to all the faculty and staff members (C. Eggleton, D. Arola, C. Romero, A. Spence, J. Gurganusin the past for their hard  work for achieving the positive outcomes of our program.  UMBC news link can be found here.

January 2018 — Bioheat Transfer Lab welcomes Mr. Manpreet Singh to join us.

December 2017 — Ashley and Qimei have submitted two abstracts to the 8th World Congress of Biomechanics to be held in Dublin, Ireland in July 2018. Thanks for the hard work.

August 2017 — The National Science Foundation has awarded a research grant to UMBC to support mild hyperthermia enhanced nanoparticle delivery to cancer ($330,061, PI: L. Zhu, co-PIs: R. Ma, M. Daniel, and C. Bieberich).  This is a wonderful news to our multi-interdisciplinary team in three UMBC departments (Mechanical Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry).  UMBC news link can be found at


July 2017 — Dr. Zhu gave a research seminar in the Engineering Research Center in Biomaterials at Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

June 2017 — Qimei and others in the department presented their research in Tuscon Arizona during the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference.

May 2017 — Dr. Zhu was invited to give a talk at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Society of Thermal Medicine in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.  The talk is based on Dr. Alex LeBrun’s research in our lab.  We also saw several old friends and met new friends, including our own Dr. Navid Manuchehrabadi currently at University of Minnesota, and Dr. Ingrid Hilger at Universitatsklinikum Jena Germany, a pioneer in magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia research.



January 2017 — Christmas and new year break was not a real break for students in our labs.  They were working hard to conduct experiments and perform simulations to prepare research papers.  Kudos to Qimei, Myo, Tim, and Miao for their hard work in December and January, and Dr. Alex LeBrun for his help. Our labs have submitted four conference papers to the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference.  We are looking forward to visiting Tucson Arizona in the summer.

December 2016 — 2016 NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantees Conference in Arlington Virginia. Have learned a lot from our peers!

Dec2016_a Dec2016_b

November 2016 — The ME undergraduate students were invited to visit our lab today.  More than 30 students showed up in the tour. In the past. ME students usually had minimal interaction with faculty members who are doing research in their first two years at UMBC, and did not know how to contact faculty members for any research opportunity.  Today’s event was planned to connect ME undergraduate students with faculty mentors to facilitate the first step of interaction.  If the feedback is positive, we may extend it to tours in other research laboratories in the department.

1561330869 2105714823 790819058

June 2016 — We attended the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference in the beautiful National Harbor in Maryland.  Our lab members Ali and Qimei presented their research in the conference. We also saw Dr. Navid Manuchehrabadi, a former member of our lab in the conference. This was also the first time the conference sponsored several sessions in engineering education.

IMG_0258  IMG_0261  IMG_0247  IMG_0245  IMG_0257  IMG_0255

April 2016 — Our lab has submitted six papers to the Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, & Biotransport Conference.  All the papers are accepted.  We are going to DC for the conference to present our work in June.  All credits go to Ali, Qimei, Amirreza, Alex, and Catherine for their hard work, and our collaborators, including Drs. Topoleski, Ma, Bieberich, Yu, and Salloum, for their helps.

December 2015 — It is the graduation ceremony for Alex and Catherine!  Congratulation to both of them reaching an important milestone in their career!


November 2015 — Dr. Liang Zhu has been nominated and elected to become an ASME Fellow.  This is quite an honor to the Bioheat Transfer Laboratory at UMBC.  It reflects the impact we have made on the mechanical engineering research community. It’s also an indicator of the high quality of the research conducted in our lab.

November 2015 — Congratulation to Catherine who just defended her MS thesis research.  Catherine will work as an engineer in BGE after her graduation from our program this semester.  Job well done.

CatherineDefense1  CatherineDefense4

November 2015 — Adding to the good news of the recent acceptance of Alex’s third journal paper by the International Journal of Hyperthermia, Dr. Alexander Mark LeBrun successfully defended his PhD dissertation research. The room was completely full, since everyone loves Alex. Alex will work in a biomedical company ACell in Maryland.  We wish him the best in his future career.

AlexDefense1 AlexDefense2 AlexDefense3 AlexDefense5 AlexDefense8

November 2015 — We are looking forward to attending Alex’s Ph.D. defense on Nov. 13th, 2015; and Catherine’s MS defense on Nov. 17th, 2015.  Job well done.  Please come to support them.

September 2015 — The FDA awarded a research contract to UMBC to support research activities of evaluation accuracy of non-contact digital infrared thermometers ($110,000; PI: L. D. Timmie Topoleski, co-PI: Liang Zhu).

August 2015 — Bioheat Transfer laboratory welcomes two new students to join our lab: Ms. Qimei Gu and Mr. Ali Mohammadabad.  Ms. Gu received her MS degree from Widener University and Mr. Mohammadabad received his MS degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

July 2015 — Alex has been awarded a UMBC Dissertation fellowship for supporting his dissertation writing.

Alex_2015a Alex_2015b

June 2015 — We are in Snowbird Utah for the SB3C conference. Look how serious we are in front of our posters.  Of course we are enjoying the beautiful view in Snowbird.

20150618_143128 IMG_1920 20150618_133112 SBC_Peter SBC_Andrew SBC_With_Oleg IMG_1938 20150617_201352

June 2015 — Two undergraduate students in the ME department, Mr. James Cruz and Mr. Parth Khandge will work in the lab in Summer 2015.  Welcome.


May 2015 — Our lab submitted six papers to the Summer Biotransports, Bioengineering, and Biomechanics Conference (SB3C).  All papers have been accepted.  Among them, Amirreza Saharkhiz, Peter Dillon, Andrew Lee, and Alireza Chamani’s papers got the honor of being selected in the student competition.  Alex LeBrun’s paper was selected as a podium presentation.  Our lab has a great visibility in the conference.  Many thanks to everyone for all the hard work in January to get the papers submitted.


March 2015 — ME undergraduate student and S-STEM scholar, Mr. Amirreza Saharkhiz, has been awarded the Undergraduate Research Award by the Undergraduate Office at UMBC.  It seems that Amir will stay in our lab for a little bit longer.  Amir also gets an REU position at UIUC in the summer. Congratulation!  Amir’s REU research is focused on genetic sequences and how changing in those sequences can cause problems such as cancer.  His research results have been presented at the end of the REU conference at UIUC.


December 2015 — We welcome Ms. Catherine Bartgis joining the lab to pursue her MS thesis research.

November 2014 — Congratulation to Alireza Chamani, who successfully defended his MS thesis research on image proceesing for screening melanoma.  He is currently working as a project manager at AEGIS Mechanical Corporation in Baltimore, MD.  We are also very excited to see that Alex LeBrun has advanced to PhD candidacy.

Alireza_6Alireza_8 IMG_1793

Sept. 2014 — Navid’s paper on treatment protocol design in gold nanorod hyperthermia has been published by International Journal of Hyperthermia.  One of his figures in this study has been selected to be featured on the cover page of this issue.  This is the third time our lab got the honor from this journal (Salloum et al., 2008, LeBrun et al., 2013, and Manuchehrabadi and Zhu 2014).

June 2014 — We welcome three ME undergraduate students (Andrew Lee, Peter Dillon, and Amirreza Saharkhiz) working on various projects in the Bioheat Transfer Lab.

May 2014 — The Army Research Lab has awarded a $50,000 grant to support research on nanoparticle enforced 3-D printing (PI: R. Ma and co-PI: L Zhu).

April 2014 — NSF will continue to support the Mechanical Engineering S-STEM Scholarship Program at UMBC (PI: L. Zhu) via a $580,000 S-STEM grant over the next four years.

March 2014 — Alizera’s first journal paper has been published by ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, congratulation.

March 2014 — Congratulation to Navid, who successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation.  He will work as a PostDoc Associate at University of Minn. We wish him the best in his future career.

Navid_graduation navid_5

Febrary 2014 — Green Technology Ltd has awarded a research contract to UMBC (PI: R. Ma and co-PI: L. Zhu) to support developing theoretical simulation of mass transport processes in CO2 capture facility.

September 2013 — Congratulation to Navid, who received a dissertation fellowship for the Fall semester.  Navid will work on his dissertation writing and plan to defend by the end of next January.  Two more journal papers of Navid have been accepted for publications recently.

September 2013 — NSF CBET awarded a research grant to UMBC to support imaging based theoretical simulation approaches in magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia for cancer treatment ($300,000, PI: Zhu, co-PIs: Ma and Bieberich).

August 2013 — Alex’s manuscript submitted to the Internatioal Journal of Hyperthermia  in May 2013 has been accepted for publication. A very fast review process!  This is Alex’s first journal publication.  Alex also gets the honor of having one of the figures featured on the cover page of the issue.  Congratulation!

July 2013 — Congratulation to Alireza for receiving an award from the Summer Bioengineering Conference 2013.  Alireza’s poster presentation was in the student paper competition and it wins the 3rd place at the MS level.  This paper has been invited to be submitted to a special issue of ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, featuring all the papers of the student competitions at the conference.

June 2013 — Our lab attended the Summer Bioengineering Conference in Oregon.  Alex presented his research during a podium session.  Navid and Alireza stood in front of their research posters to answer questions and discussed research with other participants.  We saw Dr. Maher Salloum who graduated from our lab several years ago, and Dr. Zhongping Huang, who was the thesis advisor of Anil and Alex at Wideners University. The group had dinner with the Biotransport community and visited several local attractions.

DSC00080DSC00160DSC00158IMG_0867 IMG_0869IMG_0876IMG_0947 IMG_0959

May 2013 — Congratulation to Randy, Chris, and Korine, for graduating from our undergraduate program.

May 2013 — Alex Lebrun submitted a manuscript to the International Journal of Hyperthermia.

April 2013 — All the eight papers submitted to the SBC conference have been accepted.  We are going to Oregon in June.

Feb. 2013 — Alex Lebrun passed his qualify exams.

Jan 2013 — The Bioheat Transfer Laboratory has submitted eight papers to the Summer Bioengineering Conference to be held in June 2013 in Oregon.  Job well done!

October 2012 — Navid Manuchehrabadi has successfully passed his Ph.D. candidacy exam.

October 2012 — The FDA awarded a contract to UMBC to support a research project on evaluation of thermometers (PI: L Zhu and co-PI: LDT Topoleski)

Sept. 2012 — Yonghui Chen passed his MS Thesis defense, congratulation!

August, 2012 — Congratulation to Navid Manuchehrabadi for publishing his paper in the ASME Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine.

March 2012 — Anil Attaluri successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation Defense and became Dr. Attaluri.  He will work as a Post-doc Research Associate at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine.

Feb. 2012 — Welcome the new members of the Bioheat Transfer Lab — Alex Lebrun and Alireza Chamani

Jan 2012 — Congratulation to Jennifer Gill and Katisha Smith for their new positions in industry and government agency.